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VLUSSR 2nd Season?
Total votes: 122

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***CRV Hymn***

Kill’em all and nothing else
Kill with headshots quickly
Make your score in plus
I would never die easily
I’ll take an armor
And the kit I’ll not forget
Die damn ffs
U’ll never see my death
My clan will not leave teammate
Fighting alone on the field
They’ll come to give me weapon
They’ll come to give me shield
We are CRV
We fight for victory!

* * * * * *
***CRV History***
CRV Clan created in March 2007.
The Tag means Clan Revolution,it took from the name of pc-club (CRV, Dnepropetrovsk) where we are playing except our Kiev team-mates, they play from their houses. Under we I mean lol,Phoen1x,Skr1n,Verba.
Before we used to play under tags |LS| and [4ell.team] as u might to know. lol and Skr1n created the Clan of 4ell_Team, then Phoen1x, Lester, slim joined it. After Chmapionship of 2005 year I (Verba) joined to 4ell_Team. Year later we changed to |LS|.
It was large clan with many mates in it. After that we created Japan.Friends clan not for a long time... In March 2007 we created CRV, joined EHLL8 (elite half life league) and now we are taking a part on Europe Adrenaline Gamers Battle-Field!
Clan Leader - crv^Verba
Go CRV! rush forward mates
Need to make us best!
Kill the enemies at once
Do not give them any chance!
Put the weapon in the hand
And kill so quikly as you can
Shot the frags and help your team
I guess i know what i mean!
*With love - Leader of the team
Rating AG (Ukraine)
1. Alex
2.  Slim 
3. Verba
4. Skr1n
5. Phoen1x
6. lolo
7. Jeka
8.  Pups

Last Award
PVL 2007

Last Matches
   crv 3:0 Eur[pmers]
   crv 2:0 [SF]
   crv 0:4 Eur[pmers]
   crv 0:2 Eur[pmers]
   crv 1:1 Eur[pmers]

Our Servers

Ukraine ag.nolan.net.ua:27016
Ukraine ag.nolan.net.ua:27017



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