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VLUSSR 2nd Season?
Total votes: 122

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Verba League USSR 1on1 2007

nomination 1on1 (the rules -tdm) everyone plays his map once, for won map - 1 score. beside who has more spectacles - the best.

u can play home map only wich shown at web site
if u want change home map: use forum vlussr and it will be change in 1 week

maps: Ag_Crossfire, Agony, Boot_Camp, BootCampX, Bounce, Crossfire, Datacore, Endcamp, Frenzy, Gasworks, Havoc, Homeworld, Isotonic, Lost_Village2, No_Remorse, Outcry, Rapidcore, Rustmill, Scary_1, Stalkx, Stalkyard, Undertow, Vengeance, Lost_Village, Echo.

!with all questions to me [Verba]

!Possible further evolutions and adjustments.

Rating AG (Ukraine)
1. Alex
2.  Slim 
3. Verba
4. Skr1n
5. Phoen1x
6. lolo
7. Jeka
8.  Pups

Last Award
PVL 2007

Last Matches
   crv 3:0 Eur[pmers]
   crv 2:0 [SF]
   crv 0:4 Eur[pmers]
   crv 0:2 Eur[pmers]
   crv 1:1 Eur[pmers]

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Ukraine ag.nolan.net.ua:27016
Ukraine ag.nolan.net.ua:27017



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